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These are the calendar listings calculated by the methods described in The Sacred Calendar chapter of the introductory book and the book God's Sacred Calendar. These have been printed in the book God's Sacred Calendar 2008-2013 which is available as a downloable PDF. This book will not be updated with later calendars.

You can print monthly or yearly calendar pages from the PDF. Be sure to use the print options to squeeze the print onto one page. I will not be printing calendars from 2013 and on in a book. You may print them from this web page.

All these calendars are designed to show the months of God's Calendar. The months are all numbered instead of named which follows the most common example found in the Bible. The equivalent Gregorian calendar date is noted. I keep track of the Sacred Calendar year using the year of the Gregorian calendar in which it starts. The yearly Sabbaths are marked. Some mark the yearly Sabbaths on a Gregorian calendar. I prefer to show the calendar completely according to God.

Monthly Listing

These calendars are designed for quick online viewing. They show one month at a time. Each takes about one screen. Scroll or PageDown to see the next month.

Yearly Listing

The following calendars are designed to show the entire year at a glance. This may not fit depending on the size of your display and other factors. Changing the zoom or font size will make it fit on the screen. Selecting "Shrink To Fit" and switching from portrait to landscape in Print Preview will make it print on one page. You can also increase the print size by reducing the margins to the minimum.

In the small calendar I make a couple of small compromises to compact the display to make sure it fits on one screen. When a month spans six weeks, I move the last day to the next month (or the first day to the previous month) to avoid using an extra line. When there are thirteen months in the year (about 1 year in 4), I leave off the thirteenth month. I provide notice of this on the calendar.

God's Sacred Calendar HTML Writer

These calendars were created by the God's Sacred Calendar HTML Writer computer program. You may download the program for these calendars. I designed this program to calculate the calendars and create the HTML for displaying them. The program is written in JScript and can be run from any Windows command line. The program takes a data file of predicted times for equinox, luni-solar conjunction, and sunrise in Jerusalem as input. The sample data file included has times from 2000 to 2032 providing calendars from 2000 to 2031. These times were copied directly from government astronomical data sources. (

The source file can be modified to create any HTML output desired.

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